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Universal Design In The Barn Home

Timberpeg homes are built to last for generations. So, if you’re planning on building a post and beam home, you should consider not only what needs you have today, but also what needs you will have in the future. If this is a home you will retire in, you should consider using Universal Design when planning out your home. Universal Design (UD) is an architectural design system that strives to allow people of all ages and mobility to live comfortably. Here are some of the ideas that go into planning a UD home.

The Entryway: Making An Impression

Oftentimes we talk about curb appeal and the great affect it has on visitors’ impressions of your home. While the exterior design does have a lasting impact on how the home is perceived, the interior first impressions are also very important. The view that your guests have from your entryway will set their expectations for the home, and will also affect your experience as a homeowner. Here are a few homes with different types of entryways.

The Many Meanings of Cottage

When you hear the word cottage, perhaps the image of a small, half-timbered building with a thatched roof pops into your mind. While this may be the quintessential image of a cottage, the word has many different meanings throughout the world. Even in the same country, cottage can mean different types of dwellings. Here is some history of the cottage and what it means today.

Deck Design for Sloped Lots

Like a fireplace on the inside, a timber frame home seems to need a great deck. Since the deck is such a prominent feature on the outside of the home, it can define the home’s appearance. This is especially true on sloped lots. When the lot slopes away from the rear of the home, the deck becomes an even more prominent feature. Here are a few topics to consider in order to get the perfect elevated deck.

Taking Great Home Photographs

Timberpeg owners love taking pictures of their homes, as evidenced by our expansive Customer Submitted Photographs section. But while taking photographs of your home can be rewarding, it also presents challenges you don’t find when taking simple snapshots. While modern digital cameras are more forgiving than film cameras of the past, there are still several techniques that will allow you to produce better shots of the interior and exterior of your home. Whether you are looking to take pictures to advertise your home for sale or just share with friends and family, here are some tips to improving your photographs.

Dutch Influence On The Home

It is impossible to say where the concept of the home originated, since it developed out of shelters that humans have used since time immemorial. But where did the modern conception of a home come from? Given our shared culture, one might think that the home is an English creation. In fact, if any one country can lay claim to the modern concept of the home it is probably the Netherlands. 

Rooms With Many Functions

Last week, we discussed the etymology and evolution of a few less-common rooms that may be found in the home. However, the general trend in the housing market is towards slightly smaller homes. This reduction in size means that for most homeowners, rooms need to be more functional and be utilized more often to make sense in the modern home. One way to accommodate this trend is through multi-function rooms that take on the roles previously served by multiple rooms. Here are a few examples of combination rooms that pull double duty.

The Origin of Various Room Names

When we think of a home, there are several rooms we always expect to find present. The kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms are all necessary components of any home. Since they are such common rooms, with common names, the purpose of each is immediately clear. However, several more specialized rooms have names with more opaque origins. Here are a few rooms that you might include in your timber frame home, and the interesting history behind them.

The Ideal Marriage of Practicality and Whimsy

Due to its mountainous location, homes in Asheville, North Carolina are typically built on highly sloped lots. While this can present a design challenge, it is the type of challenge Ken Wertheim lives for as an architect. One of Timberpeg’s Independent Representatives, Ken is also one of the leading architectural experts in the Asheville area. This mountain home, designed by Ken and built by Living Stone Construction, is the perfect combination of character and usability.

The Ultimate Ski Lodge

For families that spend a great deal of the winter skiing, a ski lodge home is a natural desire. And there is no better style of home for a ski lodge than a Timberpeg home. Of course, in any build project, having people who understand your needs is an important consideration throughout design and construction. Since the architect, Tom Samyn of Timberpeg Independent Representative Samyn-D’Elia, and the builder, Shad Lawton of the Lawton company, are both avid skiiers, the homeowners were in good hands.  


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