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Timber Frame Homes for the Practical Dad

For Mother’s Day this year, we ran a four part series on the features that a modern mom looks for when purchasing a home. For Father’s Day, it only seemed appropriate that we also dedicated a post to dad’s concerns in the home buying process. While we find women tend to exert a larger share of the decision making when buying a home, it is a process that men are very involved in as well.

Summer Outdoor Safety at the Barn Home

It’s no secret that timber frame home owners live for the outdoors. Post and beam homes, with their beautiful natural elements, seem especially at home in the wilderness and similarly attract those who love the great outdoors. With summer finally here, many of us are spending increased amounts of time outdoors. We thought this would be a great time to review some safety tips for the summer season. While summer may seem like a season with less safety hazards than the winter, every season has its risks that can be minimized with proper planning and care.

Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

On this blog, we probably feature the kitchen more than any other room in the post and beam home. Since the kitchen is the most “functional” room, with glamorous appliances and necessary plumbing and electrical considerations, it is a logical choice. With all these features, it can be tempting to install as large a kitchen as possible.

Building a Home for Mom: Relaxation

Happy Mother’s Day! As a frequent reader of our blog, you’ve no doubt been following our series on the features that the modern mom looks for in a new home. The last three weeks, we’ve covered the issues of storage, entertaining, and flexibility. In honor of the day itself, we’re covering relaxation, an activity all moms should be engaging in today. Since the modern mom is busier than ever, owning a home that maximizes your down time is very important. Here are some ways to design your Timberpeg home to promote relaxation.

Building a Home for Mom: Flexibility

Mother’s Day is now only a week away, and we’re continuing our series on the features that make or break a home for the modern mom. In the previous two weeks, we’ve discussed building a home with proper storage and designing a home with modern entertaining needs in mind. Today, we’ll shift our attention to designing a flexible home. These days, it is more important than ever that the home can adapt throughout the years as the family’s needs change.

Building a Home for Mom: Entertaining

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re spending the weeks leading up to May 10th discussing the features that the modern mom looks for in a home. Last week we discussed designing a home with the right amount and type of storage. This week we’ll consider entertaining space, which is a prime consideration for today’s homebuyer. The way we entertain has changed and as a result home design is changing as well. 


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