More on the Cost of a Timberpeg Home

There are three questions every home buyer needs to answer:

How much can I afford to pay?
What is it worth to me?
How much will my timber frame home cost?


People often begin the process of purchasing or designing a new home without a clear understanding of what it may ultimately cost, or what they are willing to invest. The question of, "How much will it cost?" should be addressed at the same time as the question, "How much would I consider to be an ideal budget?" It can be frustrating to develop a beautiful design, only to discover it doesn't fit within your ideal budget range. (The creative side of our brain may be attracted to a particular design that the analytical side is not willing or able to afford.)

These are considerations that only you can decide upon. By determining the answer to what you can afford, or wish to invest in the project, your Timberpeg® Independent Representative can offer a wide range of designs and options to fit within your goals.

By determining the answer to what you can afford during early conversations with a Timberpeg® Independent Representative, time will not be wasted on developing a successful timber frame design.


Value is what you perceive the total package of benefits from Timberpeg® to be. We are offering a solution for your very special needs, and your decision as to how well we have done our job will determine the value of our product. Communication during the design development process is the cornerstone to developing value in your Timberpeg® timber frame home. Nothing adds more value to a home than an efficient and attractive design, that "fits" the site, and that is sensitive to the needs of the owner: a Timberpeg® specialty. After design, comes the careful selection of high-quality building components that yield long-term comfort, durability, low maintenance and a low life cycle cost. Just as affordability is not related to value, price is not the same as the value you assign to a home you are considering buying.


The price of the Timberpeg® product is a function of all of the energy, materials and investment that go into making it a superior product. We believe the Timberpeg® product is competitively priced. To you, our prospective customer, we believe the only relevant question is whether or not our price is less than the value you assign to our product, and we believe everyone who has purchased a Timberpeg® did so for the that very reason. We strongly believe Timberpeg® can design a home that you will value at a level in excess of our price and within your affordability guidelines.