LAS VEGAS, NV (T01512)

“Just beyond the casinos and flashing lights of Las Vegas there lies a forgotten paradise of remote trails, rocky washes, and shifting sand dunes. Nevada harbors the most public land in the lower 48 states, making it an expansive playground for off-roading action – and the perfect Off-Roadeo location for attendees of every skill level. No matter which direction you turn your wheel, adventure awaits.”

Some vehicles are not built just to stay on the road, therefore testing out your new ride on a professional off-roading course can help you learn how to best handle an SUV. Not far from the glitz and glitter of the city lies rugged terrain just asking to be explored. Requiring a large, outdoor pavilion that reflected the rustic beauty surrounding it, a cross-gabled timber frame structure was the perfect space to gather before and after putting your driving skills to the test.

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