Kotonaru Kyūden ~ The Palace of the Different One (T01276)

Exterior from End of Driveway

Kotonaru Kyūden ~ The Palace of the Different One is a very special home that was designed by Timberpeg Independent Representative, Ken Wertheim along with his customer, Diran Toporu. Diran's great love for Japanese culture and architecture was the inspiration for this home, which was his dream for many years. 


Initial Exterior Design Concept and Interior Design by Diran Toporu (Homeowner) | Floor Plan Designed by Architect Kenneth J. Werthiem, AIA | Cabinet and Kitchen Design by Diane Benbow | Construction, Including Incorporation of Ninja Secrets, by Fred Bowers | Photography by Brittany Dolloff

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Kotonaru Kyūden (Palace of the Different One)

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