Our featured country style homes give old fashioned aesthetics a modern touch!

have the look and feel of a classic barn or farmhouse but with all of the amenities you’d want in a custom design. Vaulted and cathedral ceilings, wide open spaces with rustic beams, shiplap siding and sliding barn doors are just some of the options you can incorporate into your design.

The aesthetic is quite romantic, however, living in an old barn designed for livestock or equipment can also present an array of challenges. These old-fashioned structures were generally built without a heat source or a lot of windows. These time and money saving practices left them susceptible to moisture infiltration; leading to a host of issues such as uneven floors, drafty walls, rotted wood and insect infestations.

Fortunately, state of the art heating and cooling systems and modern materials like insulated SIP walls and roofing now make it possible to incorporate large banks of windows and stone chimneys into the building allowing for the best of both worlds – a comfortable, energy efficient home with old-fashioned character. Our featured country style homes would make you proud to be “born in a barn.” So, whether it’s a classic gambrel with a hay loft door, a traditional gabled roof barn with a cupola on top, or a raised center-aisled monitor barn, we’ve got you covered.

Country Style is more than just barns.

If the barn style is too rustic for you, perhaps a farmhouse inspired home is more your aesthetic. Timberpeg has worked on many farmhouse style homes that feature a comfortable, country feel while maintaining a level of craftsmanship and sophistication that has come to be expected from us. These combine the comfort of an old farmhouse with class and modern comforts.