Center Harbor, NH (T00463)

Center Harbor, NH (T00463)Center Harbor, NH (T00463)

Interior Photos Courtesy of Brian Neidhardt | Exterior Aerial Photos by Aron Robie Visuals

Holding an open house at our Timberpeg was a lot of fun. It was especially great to see all the interest in our project. It really speaks to the talent at both Timberpeg and Samyn-D'Elia Architects and the passion for your work that brings people out into the field with their families on the weekend to share the experience. We have a deep appreciation for everyone who has contributed their talents to helping us realize our dream. On a beautiful spring day like it was for our open home, we also remember the five degree day in December when the timberframing began. Bob Britton [of Timberpeg] was there shoulder to shoulder with the crew throughout the day. We are thrilled with both product and process and can't wait to take occupancy for the summer season.

Center Harbor, NH (T00463)Center Harbor, NH (T00463)Center Harbor, NH (T00463)
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