Stewartstown, PA (T00806)

Stewartstown, PA (T00806)Stewartstown, PA (T00806)Stewartstown, PA (T00806)Stewartstown, PA (T00806)Stewartstown, PA (T00806)Stewartstown, PA (T00806)Stewartstown, PA (T00806)Stewartstown, PA (T00806)Stewartstown, PA (T00806)

We looked at several timber frame home companies and Timberpeg was our top choice. They provided the best design and the best package of materials in the total plan price. They always had time for questions, were prompt in all replies, and were a great source of knowledge about timber frame houses and how we could customize our plans to fit our needs. Bob B. came to our site and helped our contractor erect the timber frame portion of the house and his expertise was invaluable in getting them started. Our builders were very complimentary about the way the package was put together. We cannot give enough praise for the Timberpeg team. The house is coming along beautifully and we are looking forward to living in our new home!

Stewartstown, PA (T00806)Stewartstown, PA (T00806)Stewartstown, PA (T00806)
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